Can You Make Money Blogging For Dollars?

just recently read an article about how to make more money by promoting hidden niche products that most are not promoting. The article proceeds to say that instead of rehashing some of the same old products then we should perhaps promote something else such as, How to build a Bird Cage or How to Jump higher.

That’s all good and well but then WHY does this same person and other well-known bloggers write previous articles outlining that in order to make money through our blogging efforts, we have an obligation to our readers to provide original and useful content and become “experts” in what we are promoting?

We are told to stay clear of promoting products we know nothing about. NOW it is suggested that we should promote How to Build BIRD CAGES?

Am I to assume I only need to read up on how to build a Bird cage and then write my own article using my expert advise? When do I become an “expert” in this anyway?

I’m not quite sure I could presume to become a leading expert in any field by merely doing a bit of research and then allow the public just assume that I am providing quality and trusted advice. In all fairness I should point out that at the end of the article he says that we should do our research to promote the respective product.

Ah Ha… the proverbial disclaimer.

The point I am getting at is that anyone new to this that is considering getting into writing blogs to produce an income should be very careful and read, read, read and read some more about blogging and the ability to actually produce an income.

Even though there are other bloggers that tell us these things mean well, we are told contradicting opinions about various subjects. You have to be able to tell the difference by doing your homework and decide for yourself what the right thing to do is. Just it is right for someone else doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

It’s Not As Easy As It Sounds

Please don’t be tempted to play the blogging for dollars game. Blogging to earn an income is NOT an easy thing to do no matter what you are told. It’s one thing to write a few articles and think that it’s not so hard, but try to do this day in and day out using quality content. Writing blogs to produce a steady income has an extremely high turn over rate.

I believe that a person can earn a decent steady income through blogging, but like anything else, you have to invest a lot of your knowledge, a lot of quality time, and through your efforts you just may succeed at blogging.

by Gary Shane

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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog – Easy

Websites, in the 1990’s started popping up known as “web logs”. This term eventually became “blogs”. These blogs in the internet arena are different posts; ranging from commentary, information, news and just experiences, a diary or journal one might say.

Corporations or companies may use blogging for a couple of reasons; providing company news, what the latest product is or what is up and coming in the company or just customer feedback or reviews.

The online marketer or home business guru uses blogging as a primary vehicle for making money from home. Usually the advertisements on the blogger’s site will provide the owner of that ad or site money for every click someone makes on the ad. Imagine thousands of clicks from visitors daily, this can add up to a very profitable home business.

Other reasons for a blog is perhaps people just want to share their experiences in life, share their likes as in hobbies, their dreams, beliefs, daily life, just sharing. Additionally, some bloggers are collectors; they have valuable information that they want to share or are in need of information from other sources or bloggers.

The higher quality of information you post the more interest you will gain. Post content that is not only interesting to you, but will be interesting to your fellow bloggers. Your post must also be frequent. Do not post content just to be posting. Make your posts interesting with photos, videos and graphics keeping in mind you want to make sure your blogs are also “reader friendly”. Be yourself…you want to engage your readers; share personal, funny experiences. Add “how tos”, tips for your successes.

The more the merrier…blog readers are always looking for fresh, new info and valuable content. If you supply this, and continue to provide good and valuable content people will continually return to see what else you have. By them returning and returning this shows that you are an “authority” and people look up to “authority”.

Sign up for different social networks. Many blog entries can be found on Twitter or Facebook. These networks are very easy to sign up on and are “free”. Make friends is the name of the game. Blog on other people’s blogs. If you look, you may even find an old friend from the past that you have wondered what they are up to. Remember when you used to call them on the phone and talk for hours…well, now you can talk to them and catch up on what they are doing now and not cost you that long distance call. At the same time, someone that has been looking for you may join conversation. Your goal is to gain trustworthy readers. Bloggers are “hungry” for valuable content.

Building links from other websites will make it easier for the search engines to find you. This will therefore get more blog traffic to your site through search engine results pages. When your get that blog traffic make sure that people subscribe to your blog via the RSS. RSS is in your blog site when it is develop. This can be a very powerful tool.

Think of a blog as a conversation. If you are on someone’s blog and have quality content to add, by all means, make contributions to their blog. Participation (or interaction) in their conversations can eventually lead them to your blog site. Usually you can leave your e-mail address and a link back to your website.

Therefore, in summing up, a blog is really just a special kind of website that allows you to easily add content, and get other people from anywhere to take in and relate with your content on the internet.

Glenn Mosser is a very sought after home business and internet marketer. As well as personal mentor to

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